Twin Cities Marvel SAGA Campaign

1/29/11 - To Infinity & Beyond...OR...Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

- Agent Orange found out that another long time flame Lanh Long, aka Miss Saigon, had just been declared an ‘urban terrorist’ by General John Ryker at ‘The Deep Freeze’ facility.
- Momentum Man discovered if he missed his next Accounting test or failed it he would fail the class. In addition he discovered that a Pre-Med student, Steven Ahrs, was spending a lot of time with Darla when he wasn’t around.
- Haven was called to Project Pegasus for a series of test at the behest of Agent Smith.
- Professor John Steele’s Space/Time Zeppelin was about to phase into ‘our reality’ again. With Steele Corp. being in the midst of a hostile takeover by Baintronics both organizations discovered they had a legitimate salvage claim to the bastion of lost super-science. Both Baintronics and the newly arrived in the Twin Cities ‘Hot Tub’ Jonni Steele attempted to woo prospective allies for their respective exploratory missions.
- In the meantime Dr. Nicholas Burzynski, the man known as Detritus, had just arrived in the Twin Cities looking for employment. He visited multiple potential employers including a chilly reception from college classmate Amanda Smythe at Baintronics. He also met Mr. Saxon at Saxon Solutions, who offered him unlimited resources and free reign. In addition he claimed that he had been able to secure Dr. Burzynski a place on the expedition to Prof. Steele’s Zeppelin.
- All the while Baintronics secured the employment of mutant mercenary The Half and his partner Tenebrae. They attempted to scout out the manipulating head of Baintronics ‘Talent’ division Bradley McMullen, but failed to successfully infiltrate Baintronics.
- Agent Orange & Momentum Man agreed, for a fee, to assist Jonni Steele’s expedition.
- When the day of the Zeppelin’s ‘arrival’ came all parties found themselves at ‘The Deep Freeze’ facility prepping for launch. The Half & Tenebrae noticed that the group they were traveling with was full of mercenaries as well as having a representative of the U.S. Government, Major David Talbot. Both Darkforce ‘heroes’ bristled under the heavy hand of Director Bradley McMullen during the prep and the flight feeling more and more uneasy about the propositions of what awaited them aboard the Zeppelin.
- Meanwhile Momentum Man & Agent Orange were introduced to Steele’s boarding team, including a Doctor Lewis Walt, Doctor Paul Stevens, & two representatives of Saxon Solutions; Dr. Burzynski & Captain Ultra.
- Eventually both teams successfully docked with the ‘in-phase’ Zeppelin. It immediately became clear to Tenebrae & The Half that the men with them were costumed mercenaries and they were informed that failure to comply with orders as given would result in them simply being ‘left behind’. It also became abundantly clear that Baintronics had no intentions of allowing any Steele Corp. representative access to anything on the Zeppelin; in face they had no intention of allowing any of them to leave the Zeppelin alive.
- Steele’s team immediately made a beeline for the ‘Trophy Room’ in the center of the Zeppelin, while she sent out her techs with Dr. Walt & Dr. Stevens to gather other information on where Zeppelin had been and possibly where it was going & why.
- Bradley McMullen sent The Half & Tenebrae to intercept and scout out Steele’s team so he could then send his “Big Guns” in. While heading to their destination in the Trophy Room the two ‘heroes’ decided to switch sides.
- Jonni spent her time downloading information to her custom laptop; while Dr. Burzynski was asked to go with Captain Ultra to the Cryo Wing of the Trophy Room to study it’s contents and get some samples. Meanwhile Agent Orange & Momentum Man stalked through the enormous Trophy Room including what appeared to be a Kree vessel hanging from the ceiling, before realizing that something or someone was coming towards them at a rapid speed. They had Jonni start to shut bulkheads to secure the perimeter. This attempt was futile against the abilities of Tenebrae who became insubstantial. He then opened the doors one by one for The Half to follow. Eventually the two morally conflicted individuals came face to face with two-thirds of ‘The Protectors’. After a brief explanation of who they were, and the danger they were all in the groups decided to work together. At about that point all hell broke loose.
- Captain Ultra broke into the Cryo Bank and removed a sample. Dr. Burzynski attempted to thwart him and in the subsequent explosion it was revealed that Captain Ultra was an Ultron unit. In the main room Jack O’ Lantern, The Mangler, Dr. Nemesis, Killer Shrike, & Skeleton Ki burst in and the melee began.
- Ultra-Ultron was slowed by Agent Orange & Detritus while only sustaining minimal damage, it was however able to injure Jonni Steele in the process. Meanwhile Tenebrae viciously took down Jack O’ Lantern killing him. Dr. Nemesis pounded The Half, while Killer Shrike and The Mangler kept Momentum Man occupied. Skeleton Ki freely pilfered from the Trophy Room.
- Detritus followed the heavily damaged Ultra-Ultron as long as he could. Agent Orange rejoined the main battle grabbing what appeared to be a Kree Universal Weapon and crushed Doctor Nemesis. Detritus returned and attempted to help Jonni Steele recover and finish her data dump. The battle raged back and forth as the mercenaries began taking heavy damage. In the process Agent Orange’s containment suit was destroyed by The Mangler, the fight was turning against ‘The Protectors”.
- Momentum Man attempted to stop Ultra-Ultron from accessing an airlock he came across Dr. Walt who was being assaulted by two of the Techs both now wearing A.I.M. outfits. The two A.I.M. agents then fled barely arriving to an airlock-docked ship. Upon their entry one of the A.I.M. agents revealed himself to be Dr. Stevens and then shot his cohort in the back of the head declaring, “HAIL HYDRA” as the ship pulled away.
- The Zeppelin began to phase out of this reality.
- Mr. McMullen called for a general retreat back to the ship. Momentum Man brought Dr. Walt back to the Trophy Room and revealed that Hydra had stolen some object and took their ship. ‘The Protectors’ were effectively trapped. Agent Orange forced his form into a hollowed out Recorder body using all his willpower to use it as a makeshift containment suit. Quickly thinking they boarded the Kree trophy ship and attempted desperately to activate it.
- Detritus tried desperately to stabilize Dr. Walt’s condition, Jonni revealed that Walt was the 1970’s hero The Ghostronaught “an old family friend”, & the last man to have been on the Zeppelin in 1983. Between Agent Orange, Momentum Man, Tenebrae, & The Half they were able to not only start the ship but launch it’s hyper spatial drive as the Zeppelin phased from ‘real’ space to parts unknown.
- As the group regained their senses from the ‘jump’ they realized they were in The Negative Zone!



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