Twin Cities Marvel SAGA Campaign

12/4/10 - The Adventure Begins...OR...Just Who The HELL Are You Guys?

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- The players; Agent Orange, Momentum Man, & Haven are brought to the Clock Tower by the Chronal Physician who informs them that prior to 10 seconds ago they didn’t exist, AT ALL in any timeline. He explains that someone has overwritten them into existence and that he’s bound and determined to figure out who did it and why. In the meantime he needs them to use their powers & abilities to deal with the problems as large. The first problem being a prison transport breakout in Minneapolis.
- Mr. Hyde, Marrow, & Crossfire have escaped from a transport vehicle in downtown Minneapolis. In the process the three killed the Twin Cities most prominent hero, The Protector. Mr. Hyde & Marrow are literally wallowing in the devastation while Crossfire seems to be fleeing from the site. The three new heroes ‘costume’ up after introducing themselves to each other and head out to confront the trio.
- Mr. Hyde occupies Haven & Agent Orange while Momentum Man struggles with the ruthless Marrow who is attacking bystanders. Eventually Haven & Agent Orange begin to gain the upper hand on Mr. Hyde who then injects himself with M.G.H. in order to ‘beef up’. Marrow wounds Momentum Man to the point of Haven having to intervene. While Hyde has increased his strength he’s lessened his intelligence which Agent Orange takes advantage of by transforming himself into a sedative gas and allowing himself to be inhaled. Haven and the injured Momentum Man drop Marrow. All the while Crossfire engineers an improvised explosion to cover his escape.
- Post fight the group has to deal with the arrival of General John Ryker and his Sentinel Mark II units. Ryker and Agent Orange have a terse exchange before the new team leaves the scene.
- Haven has to deal with the fallout of ‘going public’, answering to both his mother and his sister, Detective Janet Haley head of the Twin Cities ‘Cape’ Division. In addition he was grilled by his S.H.I.E.L.D. ‘handler’ Agent Smith who wanted to remind Samuel that S.H.I.E.L.D. had no interest in him being ‘active’.
- Agent Orange began to deal with the fact that prolonged use of his powers and subsequently prolonged time outside his containment suit is leading to the destabilization of his form. He also called Professor Harold Hunter, his ‘creator’ and a friend, asking if the ‘Doc’ was any closer to finding a solution to his dilemma. He also inquired about Laura Lynch, Victor Vernon’s (Agent Orange’s) on again off again romantic interest. The ‘Doc’ let him know that she was pursuing a rumor regarding the U.S. Government’s interest in Gamma powered individuals.
- Momentum Man missed an Accounting class and found himself in danger of failing the class. In addition his absence had gone noticed by his girlfriend Darla DeMonet. She grilled Calvin about his whereabouts and his intentions both as a boyfriend & as a student before the two retired for the night.
- Later that evening the group regrouped, even as Momentum Man had the sneaking suspicion that someone was ‘tailing him’. They decided to go to the site Crossfire bombed. It was the Law Office of Stephen Hammer. Hammer was they’re going though the wreckage. He let the group know that he was a target of Crossfire due to helping some victims file a civil suit against the villain while he was incarcerated. The lawyer had made a recent career out of “hitting them where it hurts” by helping families file these civil cases and taking villains for their assets. Hammer also didn’t deny that he is indeed the nephew of oft in the news industrialist Justin Hammer. In the process Hammer tried to convince Momentum Man, who was getting a lot of television attention, to accept him as his legal representative and as a ‘manager’. After a lot of negotiations Momentum Man agreed to think about it. The three heroes also decided to name their group “The Protectors” after the hero who died the day they founded.
- Haven returned home to an answering machine full of worried messages from his mother, sister, and his girlfriend. He also received a visit from Agent Smith alerting him to strange things being afoot & to “trust no one”.
- Agent Orange stayed in the Clock Tower contemplating his ‘condition’ with a bottle of scotch.
- Upon returning home Momentum Man found out that Darla had been visited by a man claiming to be his friend. There was a note that read, “Be Seeing You!” The message was inside crosshairs.



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