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Corbin Haige is a political commentator based out of the Twin Cities area. He has a syndicated national radio show as well as numerous appearences on the Conservative News Network. He is known for his hardline stances and unapologetic views. Haige now writes a weekly column for his hometown news paper as a counter point to Stanley Simmons’ “Cape’s Beat”.

The DIRT – 1/18/11
By: Corbin Haige, Conservative Firebrand

- I’m sure the Pinko Socialists would love for me to leave this one alone, but I for one am TERRIFIED by the idea of another group of masked vigilantes running around our fair city. Sure they were able to stop three fugitives from causing any more damage or death’s, but why, if they have nothing to hide, didn’t they hang around afterwards, why haven’t they answered MY requests for an interview, why are they wearing masks? Why indeed. It’s because they DO have something to hide. Sure I didn’t always see eye to eye with The Protector, in fact I thought his wearing a mask led directly to his lack of credibility, but he proved his mettle and intent time after time in this city. I’m sure his like won’t be found again, and certainly not by the likes of this media glory hound Momentum Man and his two mysterious sidekicks.
- And while we’re on the subject of Communists and folks with insidious agendas let me talk a bit about those folks who are publicly chastising General John Ryker and the government’s labeling of dangerous vigilante Miss Saigon an urban terrorist. Criticism of this decision is ludicrous. In my humble opinion the only good thing this woman did was stop the riot at the Republican National Convention a few years ago when that nut Madcap and the Peacenik decided to ‘poison’ the water supply. This woman is a menace, and not only that she’s a Socialist menace. This woman will only be satisfied when she sullies the reputation of not only the U.S.A., but also the fine troops in organizations like S.H.E.I.L.D. that defend our shores. Don’t get me started on the hippies and tree huggers who are anti-Sentinel program, sheesh, these folks need to get a job.
- I also want to remind folks to start getting ready to vote, and vote Ned Stone, D.A., out of office. This anti-industry ‘watchdog’ is still slandering philanthropist pillar of the industrial community Justin Hammer. If a ten-time loser like Simon Maddicks, Killer Shrike, claims that he was hired to do a ‘job’ why should we take his word for it? This guy is a career criminal, why do we even give him the public forum to falsely accuse a man who is not only a standout American, but also a personal friend.
- While other reporters, pundits, and even public officials seem to feel free to toss out baseless accusations regarding our future Governor Phil Grayfield and his fiancé German Baroness Heike Rogers all I can say is congratulations. Ms. Rogers’ New World PAC is a bastion of light in an otherwise dark time in our fair country. I’m sure that Mr. Grayfield and his lovely wife will help lead us all out of this wilderness. Good luck and Godspeed to the two of them.
- Finally, kudos to the good people of the Twin Cities for giving yours truly another outlet to tell you THE TRUTH!

The DIRT – 3/2/11
By: Corbin Haige, Conservative Firebrand

- Anytime we lose someone it’s a sad day. I’m not going to apologize for my opinions on the so-called heroes who called themselves The Protectors, but I will say that it’s just further proof that untrained vigilantes shouldn’t be relied upon to protect the public. We don’t know the details of what happened on that fateful mission, we may never know, but we do know that it’s just further proof that if you rely upon folks who don’t have the common decency to show you their faces then your relying on nothing.
- I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been in the way that our future Governor, and possibly future President(?), Phil Grayfiled has conducted himself through all this liberal media hoopla. He’s a true leader, a true gentleman, and a real American. I for one am ecstatic over his Powers Registration Act platform. It’ll give normal folks like you and me a ‘security blanket’ from the subversive mutants, vigilantes, and just plain Un-American nut jobs that seem to keep popping up on a daily basis.
- I want to say thanks to Ms. Heike Rogers, the future Mrs. Grayfield, for coming on my radio program to discuss everything from unionized labor issues to the implementation of registered Heroes as border patrol agents. Just remember you heard it here first, this woman will one day change the world!
- Remember folks when you get it from Haige you only get THE TRUTH!

Corbin Haige

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