General John Ryker

Head Administrator Of The 'Deep Freeze' Facility


John Ryker joined the military at a young age and wanted to help determine future history from his shadows. One of his most prominent actions was manipulating the creation of the conspiracy around the assassination of John F. Kennedy; apparently Kennedy was really killed by two Corsican mercenaries, but at the time it was deemed too expensive to wage World War Three so the idea of a conspiracy was created. When his wife Lucy developed cancer, Ryker used the military to hunt down Bruce Banner, who turned into the Hulk after exposure from gamma radiation during a nuclear test that Ryker supervised. Initially, Ryker irradiated various subjects to try and duplicate the accident that created the Hulk, thus allowing him to isolate the Hulk’s ability to cope with the radiation and use it to heal his wife.

Currently John Ryker is now the Head Administrator of ‘The Deep Freeze’ detention facility in Savage, MN. He still has a hand in most government Hulkbuster activity. He has instituted the use of old Mark II Sentinels in operations as retrieval & enforcement units.

General John Ryker

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