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Laura Lynch was a one time love interest of Victor Vernon, aka Agent Orange. She is a nationally recognized investigative reporter. Currently she has been on the trail of what she thinks was a government conspiracy to capture and collect all Gamma powered individuals, Vernon included.

Laura Lynch’s Interview with Stanley Simmons, Daimon Hellstrom & Paul Grayfield From Beyond The Cowl – 2/28/11

Lynch – Welcome to a very special Beyond The Cowl. Tonight esteemed Twin Cities columnist and ‘Capes’ expert Stanley Simmons and I will be sitting down with former hero, turned Gubernatorial candidate Phil Grayfield as well as controversial mystical figure Daimon Hellstrom, the so-called ‘Son Of Satan’.

Simmons – Good Evening Laura, Canidate Grayfield , & Mr. Hellstrom.

Hellstrom – Good Evening.

Grayfield – A pleasure to be here.

Lynch – I think the topic on the tip of everyone’s tongue right now is ‘Stamford’. With the disaster there, the loss of life, and the property destruction the controversial legislation for Registration is now back at the national forefront. Candidate Grayfield as a staunch proponent of said measure, using it as your platform in fact, what are your thoughts?

Grayfield – Well Laura I think this is just an unfortunate event that has claimed many young lives and I wouldn’t seek to gain politically from such an atrocity, the worst since 9-11. I would like to point out though that this is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for us, as a Nation, to take off the ‘Mask’, to stand up, to ALL be citizens and build a better future. One of the reasons I’m running for Governor is to help the people I couldn’t help when I wore that mask.

Hellstrom – How many people did you help exactly as NFL SuperPro? See I’m curious, I’ve been in Minneapolis for the last week giving some lectures and visiting a few colleagues and I haven’t seen anything there that shows me that you’ve done much for the community with or without that ‘Mask’ on.

Simmons – Now Daimon I think that’s a tad unfair, while I don’t support Mr., excuse me Candidate Grayfield’s politics I do support the fact he’s been a philanthropist in the community, and he’s attempted to really do something positive with the youth, especially the disenfranchised.

Hellstrom – Stanley, I’m not denying that, I’m just not comfortable listening to this Z-Lister call out my colleagues from some ‘mystical city on a hill’. It’s grandstanding and in lieu of what has just happened it’s beneath him.

Lynch – Candidate Grayfield care to respond?

Grayfield – Thank you Laura, and you can just call me Phil. Listen Mr. Hellstrom is entitled to his opinion, and I’m sure he has one, but to accuse me of political grandstanding while talking about a tragedy is something I’m hard pressed to take seriously by the self-styled “Son Of Satan”. Now back to my point, if the so-called ‘New Warriors’ would have been sanctioned, trained, and supervised Heroes rather than Reality Television vigilantes this wouldn’t have happened, FACT. I will not denigrate these young men and women for trying to ‘do the right thing’ I will however point out that without that training I’m not sure they had the judgment to figure out just what ‘the right thing’ was or is. It’s a shame, it’s a loss, it’s a tragedy, but as to my previous point it’s a moment in history where we can change things for the better. Those kids didn’t have to die for nothing.

Lynch – Stanley anything to add?

Simmons – Phil, can I call you Phil? Phil and I disagree on a lot of subjects, what I don’t disagree with him on is the tragedy in all this. I had the pleasure of meeting & interviewing Namorita about three years ago and I was left impressed with her drive, her willingness to help others, and to be selfless, so to know that she’s dead now it’s just flabbergasting. As for the idea of a Registration Act, I’m not a fan of it. I’m not a fan of the idea of Mutant Registration Act so my stance on this shouldn’t be a surprise. These folks, Daimon & Phil included, who choose/chose to put on a mask and defend the defenseless against threats beyond the everyday should be lauded. Do I think that we’d be better off with ‘trained’ individuals? Well it’s hard to argue that, although I’ll point out the U.S. tried that with it’s so called ‘Freedom Force’ and the Canadians have had ‘Alpha Flight’ for a decade, both had mixed results at best. So would a team of ‘New Warriors’ trained by the Federal Government have fared better in that situation, I’m not so sure the answer is yes. I mean how long has our government sponsored the HulkB.U.S.T.E.R. program and yet there is still a Hulk running around. State sponsored ‘Heroes’ frightens’ me as a concept since I don’t necessarily trust the folks making the decisions. I mean where would it stop? Would they then be used as an Invasion force in a military operation?

Grayfield – So you’re discounting the contribution of Captain America in the Second World War?

Simmons – That’s not what I said, it’s just the world has changed.

Grayfield – I’d like to point out that it hasn’t been for the better…

Hellstrom – Of course you would. You’re a politician Grayfield. And by the way I know Captain America, and you sir are no Captain America.

Grayfield – Cute.

Lynch – Gentlemen, speaking of Captain America what are your responses to S.H.I.E.L.D. declaring him A.W.O.L. ?

Simmons – It’s my understanding that Cap doesn’t work and is not beholden to the federal government or a clandestine organization like S.H.I.E.L.D.

Grayfield – I think the better question is why isn’t he?

Hellstrom – You have got to be ****ing kidding me. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t use him as an example of ‘what we should strive for’ and then condemn the man.

Grayfield – First off I don’t appreciate your tone, you WILL be respectful of the lady in the room and myself Mr. Hellstrom. Secondly, I don’t feel I’m doing that at all. To my knowledge Captain America was a product of the American government during the Second World War, he served his country, and continues to do so. So for him to go A.W.O.L. in the midst of a national tragedy is strange at best, and at worst I’d say borderline treasonous. I mean what would the ‘Sentinel Of Liberty’ have to hide?

Hellstrom – You’re going to let him do this? Let him slander Cap?

Lynch – I think Mr. Grayfield is just trying to point out that the idea of a masked symbol of America being absent with intent during a national emergency is very strange.

Hellstrom – He’s a God Damned super hero who’s to say he’s not tied to a rocket somewhere right now? And as for trusting S.H.I.E.L.D. or even the federal government I’d just as soon trust my father they aren’t much different.

Grayfield – I’d like to remind you Mr. Hellstrom that this is America, love it or leave it…

Simmons – If I can be a bit of a voice of reason here it’s obvious that all of us have different perspectives on how S.H.I.E.L.D.’s proclamation affects the argument, but we’re all really avoiding the actual question Ms. Lynch asked. I have to say that the idea that a man who has become as much a symbol of this country being absent in this time makes me, as a journalist, wonder why? I’ve only met the man once, briefly, and I was awestruck. So to hear this during a moment when the idea of Registration is being pushed now vehemently for whatever reason is disheartening.

Lynch – I’m being told that candidate Grayfield only has time for one more question. What do you and your political partners hope to accomplish with a Registration Act? And finally, in your time as NFL SuperPro, would you have volunteered your personal information and registered?

Grayfield – Ms. Lynch that’s two questions, so I’m afraid I’m going to refrain from speculating on the last part. As for what I hope to accomplish in the political arena with a Registration Act, it’s one word it’s Safety. That’s all anyone really wants, safety. Americans want to be able to trust each other, and I for one can’t trust a guy in a mask anymore. I don’t know their motivations, I’m unsure about their abilities, and in the end that scares me and it should scare you.

Hellstrom – Hahahahahaha. This is hilarious. You know the only guy in the ‘Capes’ community who ever even spoke somewhat highly of you is Spider-Man, a guy who wears a mask and protects his identity, and NOW you’re saying you don’t feel ‘safe’ because of him. Guy saved your ass, what two maybe three times when you were a walking talking Corporate Logo? Now you don’t trust him. Let’s get down to it; you were a failure as a ‘Hero’. You couldn’t hack it, hell you couldn’t hack it as a pro athlete, and so now in your aging impotency you want to exert some control. Now you have money, you have some power, and the backing of a lot of influential people so you’re going to tout their agenda. At least when you dressed like an idiot and punched disgruntled kickers you had some dignity now you’re just a puppet.

Grayfield – I find it sad that you’d stoop to name calling, but I don’t expect much more from someone such as yourself, surviving on the fringe of society, divorcing your wife, claiming some dominion over ‘Hell’. Thank you Daimon, thank you for being the poster child of just why the average American like myself wants & needs a Registration Act, folks like you are the reason we have things like the ‘Stamford Disaster’.


Lynch – I’d like to thank Gubernatorial Candidate Phil Grayfield for joining our discussion, unfortunately Mr. Grayfield had another commitment to attend. So we’ll continue our topic with journalist Stanley Simmons of the Minneapolis Star Tribune ‘Cape Beat’ & the retired Hero Daimon Hellstrom. Now gentlemen I’d like your thoughts on the idea of a former hero running for public office.

Hellstrom – I don’t wish the man any ill will personally, but he’s an idiot if he thinks a Registration Act will work. Men and women like myself won’t sign it. I won’t kotow to the government, especially not one with a man like Phil Grayfield running it. If he thinks this will be a smooth or seamless transition to some type of goddamn utopia built on the backs of heroes than he’s dumber than I thought. There is a reason guys like him can’t hack it, there is risk involved. Do you think a guy like Electro cares that you have a family? What about the Red Skull? When you put your name out there you, your home, your family, everything you’ve ever cared about is a target. Not to mention again, do I really want a government that can barely function having access to my personal information, or having me at it’s beck and call. Vigilantism works because it operates on a methodology of personal morality not bureaucracy.

Lynch – Stanley?

Simmons – As a person I find Mr. Grayfield to be an engaging, friendly, philanthropist. As a politician I disagree with a great deal of his ‘policies’. I’m anti-Mutant Registration, which would pretty much tell you that I’m anti-Registration. Its forced indoctrination under a leadership arm that I’m not sure I always trust.

Lynch – This would then lead me to my follow-up, the newest ‘elephant’ in the room. Tony Stark has, once again, revealed himself to be Iron Man and announced his support of a Registration Act. What does this bode for the ‘Capes’ community?

Hellstrom – It’s ideological war. Stark’s a genius, a fiscal giant, and a forward thinker. He’s not a leader. Of course Tony Stark is o.k. with a Registration Act, he has nothing to lose. He’s in bed business wise with the Federal Government, he’s ‘outed’ himself as Iron Man on, what three or four occasions, and he has the money to protect himself. Most guys I know who put on a mask aren’t in the same position.

Simmons – I’ve never interviewed Mr. Stark, but I have to agree with Daimon that I’m not surprised. He’s a pragmatic who has referred to himself as a ‘Futurist’. He thinks this is the way of the future, the problem is to get to this future there usually are growing pains. And that’s what I’m afraid of, the ‘growing pains’.

Hellstrom – Let me ask you a question Ms. Lynch, you know the ‘Community’, you’ve dealt with mutual associates, how do you think someone like say The Hulk would react to S.H.I.E.L.D. demanding he ‘Register’?

Lynch – I think that it would be akin to asking an earthquake to ‘Register’, The Hulk is more of an act of nature than a person.

Hellstrom – Then what about someone like Doctor Strange or Prince Namor or the Silver Surfer?

Lynch – I don’t think it would go over particularly well.

Hellstrom – Exactly. You’ve both met Hercules, how do you think the son of a god would react to, and don’t take this personally, ‘Meer Mortals’ demanding that he bend to their whim? Some of these men and women aren’t human, are royalty in their own right, some of them aren’t even from this planet or plane, should they be forced to comply with the United States Government?

Simmons – To play Devil’s Advocate, no pun implied, if they wish to reside here it may become the ‘Law of the Land’, so that may not be a choice they have.

Hellstrom – I would hate to see a disaster we could avert by being diplomatic and pragmatic happen in the rush to blame or the rush to ‘fix’ what doesn’t really need to be fixed.

Lynch – Not to change the subject, but I’m curious to your position at the more extreme vigilantism that pervades certain circles. The Punisher in New York, The Midnight Rider in the Midwest, and in the past Moon Knight on the West Coast, how do the two of you feel about those individuals who have a history of extreme violence in the name of ‘justice’?

Simmons – I think some folks in certain circles would place you in that category Daimon.

Hellstrom – A lot of people fear what they don’t understand, sometimes rightfully so. As for the actual question I’m most likely the wrong person to ask here since I would have to say I don’t see anything wrong with it. Many of the menaces I have faced deserve utter obliteration, some of them are no longer living, and most are not or were not ever even human. Is there a moral high ground of say a Reed Richards versus say Ghost Rider? Of course, but you can also note that someone like Ghost Rider doesn’t face the same enemy over and over again, whereas I can’t begin to count the number of times Victor Von Doom has launched the Baxter Building into space. When you commit atrocities you need to understand that there is a tangible punishment for that, and to me that tangible punishment or ‘justice’ is death.

Simmons – I’m not a proponent of the Death Penalty, and I’m certainly not a supporter of murder no matter how it’s justified.

Hellstrom – And yet Stanley the first time you and I met was when I was working a case with a ‘so-called murderer’, The Midnight Rider. If I remember correctly it was roughly seven years ago in Kansas City where it started.

Simmons – I think that’s right.

Hellstrom – It was a series of ritual murders that had taken on larger proportions when a small town south of Kansas City proper was basically wiped off the map. If I remember correctly it was lycanthropes.

Simmons – I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it was vampires.

Hellstrom – That’s right, you know Ms. Lynch it’s amazing the sheer amount of occult and supernatural activity that takes place in the Midwest. In fact there is a story you two should be covering. The sheer amount of Vampires in the area, it’s truly staggering. I’m sure if someone like Mr. Grayfield understood that he’d be calling for much more than a ‘Registration Act’. But I digress, if I remember correctly a coven of Vampires had gone rogue and was gorging itself. The ‘Rider’ and myself decided to pool our resources and stamp out the threat. Stanely was doing an expose’ on missing teenagers and I believe the rise in ‘white slavery’ rings. Amazing isn’t it how the dark underbelly of man so quickly coincides with things beyond most individuals comprehension.

Simmons – All I really recall was being more terrified by the ‘Rider’ than I was of these things that wanted to feast on me. That man scared the beejezus out of me.

Hellstrom – He’s not really even a man.

Lynch – Meaning?

Hellstrom – He’s not human. He’s something else. There in lies the problem with Mr. Grayfield and his allies arguments; how do you police something that has little care nor concept of the morality of man? The reality is little men like Grayfield should just be happy that someone is protecting them from things beyond his scope of understanding.

Lynch – That’s a bit condescending isn’t it?

Hellstrom – Perhaps.

Simmons – I think what Daimon is saying is there are things that a normal person can’t comprehend, that normal law enforcement, or even the military can deal with. That’s why these brave people have taken it on themselves to do it. Their reasoning, motivation, and really their identities shouldn’t be important, just their deeds.

Lynch – And with that gentleman I’m afraid we’re out of time. I’d like to think columnist Stanley Simmons of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota Gubernatorial Candidate Paul Grayfield, and occult expert Daimon Hellstrom. I’ve been your host Laura Lynch, goodnight.


Laura Lynch

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