Mary Mitchell

The Golden Age Sun Girl


A personal secretary for Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch, during the post-war 1940s, Mary Mitchell fell in love with him and became his partner as well as his sidekick after Toro left to tend to his ailing foster mother. She fought alongside the Torch until Toro returned and replaced her.

After her failed relationship Mary returned to her family in Minneapolis. Eventually she became friend to ‘Peerless’ Hunter Sabani working as his personal assistant which brought her into contact with Professor Thadeus Steele. A whirlwind romance took place.

Eventually unknown causes left Ms. Mitchell as the head of Steele Corp., legal guardian of Jonni Steele, with child, and Prof. Steele ‘missing’. Ms. Mitchell has never revealed the story of what happened, and has never confirmed nor denied the father of her daughter Mindy Mitchell. Soon after Jonni left the Twin Cities in search of adventure, while Mary raised Mindy, and kept Steele Corp. up and running.

Most recently Ms. Mitchell has been superseeded in authority by a Board of Directors of Steele Corp. Amazingly enough Mary has aged at a much slower rate than her years would indicate, some would say due to either prolonged exposure to Prof. Steele, one or many of his fantastic inventions, or perhaps some sort of serum. Mary is responsible for bringing Jonni back into the family fold by convincing her to return to the Twin Cities and ‘fight’ for her birthright.

Currently she is mourning the ‘death’ of her adopted daughter with her actual daughter Mindy who has now returned to the Twin Cities after a long absence of her own.

Mary Mitchell

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