Momentum Man



tats: Str: 5x — Agi: 8d — Int: 5x — Wpo: 5x
Edge/Hand Size: 2/4 (25)
Skills: Fast Exit
Lightening Speed 18 (10 on water)
Stunts: mach control, run up walls
Resistance to Electrical Attacks – 6
He runs around, building up speed, pretty useless for the first rounds of action, but then gets really powerful around the fifth round. He likes to run up to enemies at 200 mph, stop on a dime, and then transfer the momentum to his target with a light tap, which sends the scumbag flying through a wall. He has managed to charge up some metal bars with momentum as well, and these things act like D&D’s Immovable Rods, which he whips in the air and uses as parallel bars to get momentum and take out foes with acrobatic swings. He can transfer momentum to friendly targets with a touch to give them a short dose of super speed, but this can be risky as most people have difficulty using super speed without training.
Momentum Man basically has Superspeed at 15, but with an Unique Limitation that it starts out at 6 (which is probably equal to his Strength and Agility…actually he probably has 6 for all four of his Attributes), but, if he is moving around a lot (running, swinging on immovable rods like they were parallel bars, doing lots of push-ups, jumping jacks, etc), he can slowly increase it to the power’s maximum rating of 15, though it is difficult to maintain at that level for long.
He has another Limitation that the higher levels of Superspeed are difficult to control and hard to maintain for long lengths of time.
So, it would work like this:
Round 1: Superspeed 6 – I guess you could this “Rank 1.” This Momentum Man’s Superspeed score if he wasn’t doing anything before the action started (like being surprised). Moe had better start running in circles or tossing up and activating Immovable Rods this round. If forced into action, he’s probably in serious trouble.
Round 2: Superspeed 9 (3 higher than last round) – Rank 2. Moe has built up enough momentum to have a decent level of Superspeed (about 300 mph). Outside of combat, he is able to maintin this level of Superspeed safely for travel purposes if he continually moves (running in place counts) without pushing himself to his higher limits.
Round 3: Superspeed 12 (3 higher than last round) – Rank 3. Moe is amazingly fast now, but this level is hard to control. He is at a -2 to do anything with this level of Superspeed.
Round 4: Superspeed 15 (3 higher than last round) – Rank 4. Moe is a blur to all except those that have high levels of Superspeed themselves, or some sort of detection power. Moe is pretty sloppy at this speed (-4 to any Superspeed challenges), so he ususally doesn’t do more than short distance stuff with this rank of momentum (though he could move at roughly 2000 mph if he wanted…and probably smash into a skyscraper).
Round 5 and beyond: Rank 5. Moe can create an area effect attack of raw kinetic energy with himself at the center with Energy Blast 15 (he is immune to this), but it drains him and knocks him back to Superspeed 6. If he doesn’t perform this move or slow down to release some momentum, he will have to make Strength checks at Difficulty 8 or be knocked out by his own power. The Difficulty goes up by 4 each round thereafter.
Superspeed Stunts
Momentum Man can transfer his current rank (or lower) of Superspeed to someone else, with all the benefits and drawbacks inherent to that rank of power, but at a –4 to use due to a lack of training and experience. Moe himself will be knocked down a rank of power for doing this, and he can’t do it at his starting rank of Superspeed 6. Each round thereafter, a card is flipped. If the card comes up Negative, the effect has worn off. The effect also wears off if the recipient stops moving.
Momentum Man can also transfer momentum into his enemies with a close range attack, which ignores any Body Armor, though this attack knocks him back to Rank 1 (this is the “run at someone at 500 mph and stop on a dime, then tap your foe lightly, which sends him flying 100’ at 100 mph” trick).
Unique Items
Finally, Cal has gotten hold of some titanium bars (he got them from the scientists’ lab where the accident happened), and in his spare time he grips them while studying, eating, fooling around with Darla, whatever. Constant contact with the bars (or rods) has allowed them to gain some bizarre reverse-momentum energy of their own, and Cal has discovered he can cause them to freeze in the air. Only he (or someone who has Superspeed) can move them once activated (otherwise, it is a Strength challenge, Difficulty 25). Momentum Man will throw these “immovable rods” into the air to use as parrellel bars to swing on, make an instant ladder, or to use as a pinning device, to make a downed target stay down. The rods run out of “immovability” after a few minutes if Momentum Man doesn’t deactivate them first. Cal has 8 of these rods.


Real Name: Calvin
Known Allies: Speed Demon (Mentor), Darla DeMonet (Girlfriend, Student – Accounting Major), Professor Fantlor (Mentor, Physics Professor), Ned & Stella (Parents, Living in Ohio)
Known Enemies: White Rabbit, Kangaroo, Cardiac, Jack O’ Lantern, The Looter
Group Affiliation:
First Appearance:
Biography: He is a college student at the University of Minnesota, transferring from Empire State University, that volunteered for one of those experiments they perform on young adults who need some spending money. He thought he was just taking some new aspirin, but these were very unethical scientists. He was actually fed a pill that was supposed to repel nuclear radiation and the weird light in the room was really a small nuke reactor. In classic comic book style, Something Goes Wrong, and all the scientists end up dead from the radiation (serves ’em right), while Cal (short for Calvin Hobbes) gets superpowers. Luck for Cal, he is distantly related to the Golden Age Whizzer and the radiation triggered his latent super-momentum powers.

Momentum Man

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