Mr. Fahrenheit

Flamboyant Flame Based Antagonist


Long time Twin Cities public menace Mr. Fahrenheit most recently seemed to be in the process of reforming himself. That has not lasted as he has engaged in a new criminal endeavor with a group he’s dubbed The Conglomerate. It’s ‘Real Time Crime’ for pay subscribers on a website. He’s stated, “It’s a new day, and it’s time that enterprising men and women make their mark. For $39.99 a year you, the common schlub can be a part of the first Egalitarian Criminal Union. Make suggestions of crime, watch professionals at work, and learn the trade. It’s the future, learn to love it because it’s here to stay!”

His Conglomerate is made up of The Supersonic Woman, The Meteor Men, Pi-R8, Rolly Polly, and what appears to be someone posing as the deceased villain Trickshot.

Mr. Fahrenheit

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