Darkforce Dimension Agent Of Divine Vengeance


The man who would become Tenebrae was once a Catholic missionary. He travelled to the South American country of Nova Roma where he ran afoul of the dreaded Cult of Fire. He was sacrificed for being a non-believer. Midway through the act his latent Mutant Gene activated and he was transformed into a being of Darkforce energy and pulled into the Darkforce Dimension.
Once there he felt like he had been sentenced to Hell. After what seemed like years of torment he had broken down and renounced his faith and became slightly unhinged.

In reality only months had passed.

The mutant mercenary known as The Half was in the Savage Land attempting to track down a lead on Mr. Sinister. Using his Darkforce Dimension powers to hold off approaching Savage Land Mutates he pulled Tenebrae back into the real world. Now a wraith made of Darkforce the two became ill at ease partners.

Most recently Tenebrae and The Half were part of the mercenary force hired by Baintronics’ ‘Talent Group’ for the expedition to Prof. Steele’s Space/Time Zeppelin. Once there Tenebrae instead sided with The Protectors and in the process ruthlessly killed Jack-O-Lantern and injured Killer Shrike.

He is currently stranded with the rest of The Protectors in the Negative Zone.


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