The Shooter

New Vigilante In The Twin Cities


The man who refers to himself as The Shooter sprang on the scene during the “South Street Slaughter” when Aryan thugs allied with the criminal The Fear Monger successfully instigated a full blown riot during a ‘Capes’ Division press conference. The Shooter picked off both fear induced rampaging citizens & cops as well as dropping Aryan thugs prior to them injecting M.G.H. and renewing their assault.
After the events The Shooter associated himself with the Atomic Anvil & Haven, by tailing Atomic Anvil to their meeting. He was allowed into the Clock Tower after the days events and the public broadcasting of the ‘Stamford Incident’.
Haven let The Shooter leave to “go on patrol”. In reality The Shooter simply planned on staking out Haven.
He followed the hero to a meeting with his new S.H.E.I.L.D. handler, Agent Rodrick. Upon Agent Rodrick’s infecting Haven with S.P.I.N. technology in an attempt to blackmail the hero into leading The Protectors against Captain America, The Shooter lived up to his name assassinating Agent Rodrick from two buildings away. Much to Haven & The Shooter’s surprise Agent Rodrick was revealed in death to be a Skrull.
The two then fled the scene in the S.H.I.E.L.D vehicle, evading capture, and making thier way back to the Clock Tower. There Haven was relieved to see his team mates were alive. The Shooter instantly rubbed Agent Orange the wrong way and even engaged in some ‘playful rough housing’ with Atomic Anvil.

The Shooter is loud, abrasive, unapologetic, and unpredictable. He seems to relish in his status, his skills, and now in his association with Haven & the Atomic Anvil. He also has an almost hero worship attitude towards Momentum Man. Most surprising of all seems to be his ability to not only acquire technology, but his understanding of it. His future as a member of the Protectors was left up to his ability to find a way to stop the nanites in the S.P.I.N. tech that has currently left Haven powerless.

The Shooter

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