Twin Cities Marvel SAGA Campaign

3/12/11 - What A Long Strange Trip It's Been...OR...Assault On Precinct 13

- Upon returning to the Twin Cities Haven was shook by the revelation that his teammates had been declared ‘dead’ by the local media after a “failed expedition to Prof. Steele’s Space/Time Zeppelin”. He didn’t have much time to grieve as his sister, Detective Janet Hayley asked for his help in her investigation into a M.G.H. ring in the U.C.F.F. She feared that the revelations that her source, disgraced former U.C.F.F. fighter G.I. Bro aka Albert Jackson, were about to bring a very real threat to him, to the department, and to her. Jackson had threatened on a local sport’s radio program, ‘The Lake Show’ w/ Henry Lake, to “Name Names” in the investigation after having his U.C.F.F. contract terminated by the parent company Baintronics. Haven promised to be there in a ‘watchdog’ capacity.
- Unknown to him Jackson had contacted a U.C.F.F. buddy, the mutant Atomic Anvil, to watch his back since he thought, “someone is gunning for me.” He also let him know that he had collected that ‘damning’ information and had mailed it to him for ‘safe keeping’.
- Meanwhile back in the Negative Zone The Protectors realized they were drifting towards a rift. The Half took over for Jonni Steele in the attempt to help Dr. Walt from bleeding out, as Steele headed to helm the ship. Dr. Walt responded by pulling a laser pistol and shooting The Half in the chest before himself perishing. When the body expired two apparitions floated free of the body. One a human form of Dr. Walt that then jumped into Jonni Steele’s body & the other a ghostly form the post mortem version of the corpse; A Skrull!
- Back on Earth, Haven attended the press conference, as did the disguised Atomic Anvil. Detective Haley let the media in on the progress of her investigation including the fact that the U.C.F.F. had been placed on an indefinite hiatus while the investigation carries forward, the ‘Capes’ division was looking into information Jackson had given them regarding a shadowy person known simply as the ‘Power Broker’. Jackson was then invited to take the mic along with his legal council, Stephen Hammer. He began by refuting the claims that he was a lone M.G.H. abuser who was dragging the sport down with him. He then launched into an accusatory diatribe before a group of bald headed thugs began throwing things. The situation began quickly escalating. Both Haven & the Atomic Anvil fought off subtle mental attacks spurring them to act in a fear induced homicidal rage. The crowd became whipped into frenzy, with civilians attacking each other with improvised weapons, cops brandishing fire arms against not only other but themselves, and Albert Jackson choking himself.
- The Skrull ghost jettisoned its self out of the Kree ship, while Jonni Steele fell to the ground, eyes rolled back into her head, spouting the same word “stuck” over and over and over again. Detritus quickly convinced Tenebrae to cover The Half in his Darkforce form to hopefully stabilize him while he immediately went to work on Jonni Steele. Agent Orange & Momentum Man quickly tried to find out how they got to the Negative Zone, how they were going to get out, and just why there was an insectoid ship quickly approaching them.
- Haven immediately shook off the mental fear assault and rapidly descended from his rooftop viewpoint to save his sister who was beginning to draw her weapon. Haven was able to disarm her without doing any real damage. It took the Atomic Anvil a few more minutes to shake off the effects of the attack, when he regained his faculties he found himself being charged by a raging mother, her two children, and two cops brandishing their guns as clubs. He rose the occasion grabbing the woman and, as gently as possible, tosses her into the children and one of the cops. The last cop drew a bead on Atomic Anvil’s head. Just as Haven noticed the Atomic Anvil’s predicament and launched himself in an effort to prevent the cop from firing, gun shots rang out and rioters began to fall prone to the ground. A rubber electrified bullet dropped Detective Hayley to the ground leaving her dazed, unarmed, and alive.
- Without someone being capable of piloting the vehicle The Protectors where effectively ‘dead in the water’ to the insectoid vessel which was rapidly approaching in a course that seemed as if it was preparing to ram them.
- While in mid-flight Haven exerted every iota of his will and power to not only use his force shield to defend the cop, put a barrier between the gunshot and the Atomic Anvil, but he managed to wrap the bullet in his shield rendering it inert. He and the Anvil then scanned the scene as the shooter on top of the building continued to drop the manic masses. As Haven then re-scanned the area he noticed Stephen Hammer had picked up his sister’s gun and was preparing to shoot the still choking himself Albert Jackson, another ‘CRACK’ rang out and Hammer took a electrified rubber bullet to the skull dropping him. The mob was starting to dwindle significantly.
- The insectoid ship slammed into the side of the Kree ship. A faint sound of locusts hummed as a bright ring of melting metal indicated that The Protector’s ship was about to be boarded. With Tenebrae keeping The Half alive, Detritus trying to revive the possessed Jonni Steele, this left Agent Orange & Momentum Man to stave off the not-so-secret invasion. As the locust like beings began flowing into the ship Agent Orange transformed himself into DDT gas, while Momentum Man used his built up speed to windmill his arms in an effort to push the gas towards the boarders.
- Just as the scene had seemingly cleared the bald headed instigators all drew out syringes and injected themselves. Before the last could succeed Haven’s keen eye allowed him to recognize a car that was out of place. He used his force shield to grab the last instigator in mid-injection and hurl him through the back window of the car. The now M.G.H. powered thugs renewed their attack, just as a hooded figure in purple and green emerged from the wrecked car with a control box. He directed its power at the Atomic Anvil & Haven, bringing them to their knees. “BOW BEFORE THE FEAR MONGER!”
- Agent Orange’s gas form began eating through the chitinous hide of the insectoids as well as poisoning them. The invaders quickly retreated. As Momentum Man began to celebrate their success he realized the ship was hurtling headlong into the rift. The two attached ships, shuttered & groaned as they were pulled forcibly through into the unknown.
- The Fear Monger’s Emotion Board had Haven & Atomic Anvil in the midst of a fear induced coma state, where the Anvil had to watch as two M.G.H. Aryan thugs began brutally beating Albert Jackson to death. Than another shot rang out and the Emotion Board fizzled and malfunctioned. Seeing the tide turning and the two heroes recovering the Fear Monger ran for it and called for a general retreat by his thugs.
- As the two ships shuddered to a stop Momentum Man realized that the ships were now in ‘Real Space’ again, drifting through a debris field that the computer recognized as the remains of the Kyln prisons. The turbulence had shook the Insectoid ship free of it’s boarding jaws and the atmosphere of the Kree ship began spilling out. Agent Orange instructed Momentum Man to just start pushing buttons as fast as possible. By a stroke of luck he was able to activate the shields and retain the ship’s dwindling atmosphere. Just then a blast destroyed the Insectoid ship.
- The Atomic Anvil leapt to his feat, hurdling a car, to reach the steps area. The two Aryan thugs never had a chance as he crushed their heads together, saving his friend and rendering them unconscious. Haven quickly came to the side of Detective Haley, making sure his sister wasn’t in dire peril. He looked up to find the mysterious shooter was no longer in his viewpoint. Haven & the Atomic Anvil pulled some of the wounded into the police precinct. Detective Hayley tried to examine Mr. Jackson and realized he wasn’t breathing. She wasn’t strong enough, both because of his enhancements & her broken ribs, to give him CPR so she had to instruct the Atomic Anvil on how to perform the skill.
- Unable to fire up the engines the Kree ship floated adrift while the hulking hodge-podge ship that had obliterated the Insectoid’s ship loomed closer. Realizing just how much they needed Jonni Steele coherent to affect any type of escape the group convinced Tenebrae to ‘jump’ into her mind to gather her skills & use her body to pilot the ship. Upon entering her psyche Tenebrae found himself back in his long ago thought expired physical form on an empty desert plan with Dr. Walt & Jonni Steele sitting in recliners.
- As the Atomic Anvil struggled to keep Al Jackson alive the military forces from ‘The Deep Freeze’ finally arrived. Two Sentinel Mark II’s rounded up the strangling M.G.H. enhanced Aryan thugs, and an advance unit made it’s way inside the precinct where they were openly hostile with Haven. Haven used his contact, Agent Smith, to clarify his clearance and prevent the situation from escalating. Eventually advanced medical care came in to take over the care of Jackson, Det. Hayley, and any of the other serious injured individuals that the two heroes had brought inside. General Ryker intervened & made some cryptic comments about Haven’s people in ‘High’ places ALL having someone they had to answer to eventually. The Atomic Anvil and Haven decided it would be best to leave out the back, and grabbed two trench coats to hide their identities as they exited. The two discussed their plans and decided on a place to meet back up with in a few hours to discuss their options. At that time a patrolman noticed them, came over and thanked them vigorously. Then inquired why they were sticking around with the big news going on, he pulled out his I-Phone and showed them the ‘Stamford Disaster’.
- On the Kree ship the hailing screen finally became active and the heroes were confronted with Blastaar of Baluur. He demanded their immediate surrender and began using a tractor beam to pull them onto his massive vessel.
- Meanwhile deep in Jonni Steele’s psyche Dr. Walt explained that this predicament was his fault. Back in 1957 he’d been investigating a series of disappearances when he was shot, he immediately ghosted into the nearest body, that of his shooter. His ‘killer’ was a Skrull advance scout. He was able to over time assert some control over the body and continued his existence as the Ghostronaut. Upon his visit in 1983 to the Space/Time Zeppelin the Skrull re-asserted control. He’d been a prisoner in his own body since, hence the disastrous effects of his ‘hopping’ bodies. In order to hopefully pull Jonni out of her trauma state Tenebrae decided to make another ‘jump’ this time into her form on her own psychic plane. In doing so he found himself walking into a sparse laboratory where a 12-year-old Jonni Steele was attempting to solve a complex puzzle box while being loomed over by a large, fatherly shadow.
- The Atomic Anvil ducked the assembled crowds and swiftly made his way to his condo. Once there he found that his apartment had been ‘tossed’. He checked his cell phone to find U.C.F.F. management, Baintronics representatives, and even his personal manager had called. The messages ranged from pleading for him to ‘come in’ to veiled threats. Finding nothing missing ‘Anvil’ grabbed some clothes and headed out of the building to go meet Haven. On a whim he checked his mailbox, in it he found the package Albert Jackson had sent him.
- Haven made his way to the Clock Tower and began trying to filter through the situation, but mainly to check on the status of his sister & Steven Hammer. He then went to meet the ‘Anvil’ at the Uptown Bar.
- Tenebrae struggled to find a way to communicate with the young version of Jonni who seemed obsessed with solving her puzzle. As he became more frustrated Tenebrae started to feel a presence hovering over his own shoulder. The young Jonni inquired why there was a flaming pumpkin headed shadow behind him. After re-doubling is focus Tenebrae took the puzzle from Jonni fashioned it into a key and threw it over his shoulder where the flaming pumpkin headed shadow was leering. Jonni erupted into consciousness, puking out a viscous black material, Tenebrae, and ejecting Dr. Walt from her physical form. The heroes rushed to help her.
- The ‘Anvil’ and Haven met up in the back of the bar and began discussing the situation from earlier in the day. The ‘Anvil’ also told Haven of the document he had in his possession. At that point a third man made his way to their table carrying a beer in each hand. He saddled up to the table and explained that he was the guy from earlier he was The Shooter.
- Agent Orange, Momentum Man, and the shadowy form of Tenebrae stepped off the landing ramp of their Kree ship onto the deck of Blastaar’s vessel. Slaves lay prostrate on the floor while armed troops lined the corridor. A large gong like noise sounded and the various alien forms crawling on their hands and knees shuffled across the floor carrying a large platform on which sat ‘King’ Blastaar pulling a full set of chains attached to various scantily clad female aliens. “Bow before Blastaar Of Baluur!”
- The man referring to himself as The Shooter relayed his part in the day’s events, and proceeded to give his unasked for opinion on the ‘Stamford Disaster’. After much debate Haven decided to take both of these new comers to the Clock Tower.
- Agent Orange attempted to parlay with Blastaar who demanded that they serve him in his war against Annihilus, in the process showing the heroes the extent of the Annihilation Wave, as soldiers NOT slaves. Blastaar then declared that the heroes’ ship & all within it was now his. As willing to negotiate with Blastaar as Agent Orange was he would not allow one of Blastaar’s alien mind probe to attach itself to him in order to find out if he was telling the truth. Having had enough Agent Orange went to gaseous form, and the twitching Momentum Man detonated his kinetic build up leveling all within the room.
- Upon reaching the Clock Tower Haven attempted to contact Doktor Koncept about his ‘dead’ friends. Koncept answered with a visual hologram that continued to change age and gender in a somewhat schizophrenic response that they were alive. He stated that he had to secure his Endless Mansion for the upcoming ‘events’ and then abruptly signed off. The group then watched some coverage of the ‘Stamford Disaster’ and The Shooter declared he had to go ‘out on patrol’. Haven & ‘The Anvil’ sifted through Albert Jackson’s evidence and were shocked to see just how high the M.G.H. scandal went. S.H.I.E.L.D. was implicated; the Hulkbusters were implicated, as was Baintronics. The M.G.H. was being harvested from incarcerated mutants and was being field-tested to give to soldiers as a temporary ‘Super Soldier Serum’. When used in conjunction with certain radiation studies showed that they could cause the ‘symptoms’ to become permanent with an acceptable number of side effects and casualties. Haven attempted to contact Agent Smith, but instead was left speaking to Agent Roderick, who informed him he had ‘replaced the reassigned’ Agent Smith. He wished to meet with Haven, in person immediately to discuss the changes. Haven agreed to meet him on top of the IDS Tower in an hour, and to come alone.
- Momentum Man was shocked to see Blastaar saunter out of the smoke and debris with only a bleeding nose. Just as Agent Orange was trying to coalesce his form, Blastaar lived up to his name as the Living Bomb Burst. Realizing how futile the situation was becoming Tenebrae ‘jumped’ into Blastaar in an attempt to control him. In the process he saw the full extent of the Annihilation Wave and the danger it posed the universe as a whole. This gave the ‘team’ just enough time to flee to their ship while Tenebrae struggled to mentally restrain the raging Blastaar.
- Haven met with Agent Rodrick who informed him that his countries, & S.H.I.E.L.D., were calling in their ‘marker’. He gave him a dossier detailing his ‘task’. Agent Rodrick let Haven know that he was to convince The Protectors to ‘take out’ the now deemed renegade Captain America. Haven also noticed that his powers would no longer work. Agent Rodrick informed him that they would be ‘turned on’ during the mission. At that point a bullet penetrated Agent Rodrick’s eye!
- As Agent Orange & Momentum Man hustled onto the Kree ship they had Jonni Storm blast her way out of the cargo hold and set course to escape. Blastaar mentally forced Tenebrae out which allowed him to escape onto the fleeing ship. The Kree vessel scampered away as the massive warship righted itself and attempted to follow. Jonni informed the group that she couldn’t coordinate a destination to make a hyper-spatial jump since she had NO idea where they were, the group said it was either ‘jump or die’ so she initiated the jump.
- Haven looked across the skyline to see The Shooter waving at him. Upon looking down he noticed that Agent Rodrick’s form had changed, he was a Skrull. Immediately Haven grabbed the S.H.I.E.L.D. flight car, threw the body in the back, and picked up the giddy Shooter.
- The Kree ship shuddered and stopped in a field of oppressing black. After failing to navigate the apparition of Dr. Walt informed the group they were stranded in the ‘Dark Dimension’, and according to Jonni the engines were shot.
- While Haven was admonishing The Shooter they both realized to flight cars were now in pursuit. The Shooter prepared a package out of one of his pouches, had Haven land the car and then they fled. Once out of site The Shooter detonated the car, and the two fled into the sewer. Using an unknown device The Shooter told Haven he thought he could get them back to the Clock Tower from there.
- The group aboard the Kree ship weighed their options. The only possibility of escape was an alternative fuel source, namely Momentum Man. The plan as laid out by Jonni Steele was to build a makeshift cyclotron to convert the Momentum Man into self-perpetuating energy. After prepping and Calvin dealing with the possibility of his demise the team was set. Momentum Man entered the chamber, began running in place, & was turned into pure energy.
- Upon reaching the Clock Tower The Shooter attached some electronic devices to the walls around it’s sewer base and deemed that they would be ‘impossible to follow now’. He then surmised after some study that the base was an illusion and that he and Haven could enter there. They proceeded into the Clock Tower.
- Momentum Man’s gambit paid off as he was turned into atom sized versions of himself all running at his full capacity all skirting the edge of Space/Time launching the ship to it’s one in-laid destination, Lake Superior on Earth.
- Finally getting to the operations center of the Clock Tower Haven continued to both work through what had just happened and admonish The Shooter for destroying his evidence.
- The team escaped the slowly sinking Kree ship & were greeted on the shore by Doktor Koncept declaring “What have you done to MY ship?!” He then invited them into his Endless Mansion to recover. There he limited them to ‘Jonni’s old wing’ of the mansion. She immediately brought Momentum Man to a containment room stating that he was leaking ‘chronatons’. Agent Orange relaxed with a bottle of scotch, while The Half & Dr. Walt were then put into the care of Doktor Koncept. During his Chronal Decompression Momentum Man had a series of flashes seeing an anvil at the center of the universe being struck repetitively giving birth to new universes all of which lacked Momentum Man, Agent Orange, & Haven. His visions narrowed and he saw a myriad of futures for himself, Darla, & his teammates. Then his visions concentrated on the Annihilation Wave decimating the universe, Captain America at odds with Iron Man, a hero’s funeral, and a dark future. After he was given a relatively clean bill of health the group decided it was time to get back to the Clock Tower. Doktor Koncept teleported them all there where they were reunited with Haven and introduced to the Atomic Anvil & the Shooter.
- Jonni Steele changed clothes told Momentum Man to find her tomorrow for the money she owed him and let herself out. Immediately The Shooter & Agent Orange butted heads. Momentum Man grabbed a change of clothes and took off to go see Darla. Haven relayed all that had happened, including the ‘Stamford Disaster’. Agent Orange & The Shooter agreed that some type of nanotech was being used to shut down his powers. Haven offered The Shooter membership into The Protectors if he could ‘cure’ him. He responded by asking for three pots of coffee, use of the ‘big computer’, a pizza, and 16 hours.
- As Calvin made his way up the steps of his apartment building a limo pulled up and beckoned him. The window came down and a woman’s hands offered him a briefcase full of cash. He reticently took it, surmising it must be Jonni Steele. He was shocked by the massive amount of cash inside. Regaining his focus he headed to his apartment. Inside he found Stephen Ahrs sitting at his kitchen table eating. Calvin and Stephen exchanged a terse thinly veiled dialogue. Darla came out and immediately was shocked to see Calvin. Eventually Stephen left, not before letting Calvin know that he was after Darla. After a heartfelt reunion Calvin decided to come clean about being Momentum Man. Darla was shocked, but pulled out a box with Momentum Man’s name on it an said, “I guess then this is for you….”

1/29/11 - To Infinity & Beyond...OR...Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

- Agent Orange found out that another long time flame Lanh Long, aka Miss Saigon, had just been declared an ‘urban terrorist’ by General John Ryker at ‘The Deep Freeze’ facility.
- Momentum Man discovered if he missed his next Accounting test or failed it he would fail the class. In addition he discovered that a Pre-Med student, Steven Ahrs, was spending a lot of time with Darla when he wasn’t around.
- Haven was called to Project Pegasus for a series of test at the behest of Agent Smith.
- Professor John Steele’s Space/Time Zeppelin was about to phase into ‘our reality’ again. With Steele Corp. being in the midst of a hostile takeover by Baintronics both organizations discovered they had a legitimate salvage claim to the bastion of lost super-science. Both Baintronics and the newly arrived in the Twin Cities ‘Hot Tub’ Jonni Steele attempted to woo prospective allies for their respective exploratory missions.
- In the meantime Dr. Nicholas Burzynski, the man known as Detritus, had just arrived in the Twin Cities looking for employment. He visited multiple potential employers including a chilly reception from college classmate Amanda Smythe at Baintronics. He also met Mr. Saxon at Saxon Solutions, who offered him unlimited resources and free reign. In addition he claimed that he had been able to secure Dr. Burzynski a place on the expedition to Prof. Steele’s Zeppelin.
- All the while Baintronics secured the employment of mutant mercenary The Half and his partner Tenebrae. They attempted to scout out the manipulating head of Baintronics ‘Talent’ division Bradley McMullen, but failed to successfully infiltrate Baintronics.
- Agent Orange & Momentum Man agreed, for a fee, to assist Jonni Steele’s expedition.
- When the day of the Zeppelin’s ‘arrival’ came all parties found themselves at ‘The Deep Freeze’ facility prepping for launch. The Half & Tenebrae noticed that the group they were traveling with was full of mercenaries as well as having a representative of the U.S. Government, Major David Talbot. Both Darkforce ‘heroes’ bristled under the heavy hand of Director Bradley McMullen during the prep and the flight feeling more and more uneasy about the propositions of what awaited them aboard the Zeppelin.
- Meanwhile Momentum Man & Agent Orange were introduced to Steele’s boarding team, including a Doctor Lewis Walt, Doctor Paul Stevens, & two representatives of Saxon Solutions; Dr. Burzynski & Captain Ultra.
- Eventually both teams successfully docked with the ‘in-phase’ Zeppelin. It immediately became clear to Tenebrae & The Half that the men with them were costumed mercenaries and they were informed that failure to comply with orders as given would result in them simply being ‘left behind’. It also became abundantly clear that Baintronics had no intentions of allowing any Steele Corp. representative access to anything on the Zeppelin; in face they had no intention of allowing any of them to leave the Zeppelin alive.
- Steele’s team immediately made a beeline for the ‘Trophy Room’ in the center of the Zeppelin, while she sent out her techs with Dr. Walt & Dr. Stevens to gather other information on where Zeppelin had been and possibly where it was going & why.
- Bradley McMullen sent The Half & Tenebrae to intercept and scout out Steele’s team so he could then send his “Big Guns” in. While heading to their destination in the Trophy Room the two ‘heroes’ decided to switch sides.
- Jonni spent her time downloading information to her custom laptop; while Dr. Burzynski was asked to go with Captain Ultra to the Cryo Wing of the Trophy Room to study it’s contents and get some samples. Meanwhile Agent Orange & Momentum Man stalked through the enormous Trophy Room including what appeared to be a Kree vessel hanging from the ceiling, before realizing that something or someone was coming towards them at a rapid speed. They had Jonni start to shut bulkheads to secure the perimeter. This attempt was futile against the abilities of Tenebrae who became insubstantial. He then opened the doors one by one for The Half to follow. Eventually the two morally conflicted individuals came face to face with two-thirds of ‘The Protectors’. After a brief explanation of who they were, and the danger they were all in the groups decided to work together. At about that point all hell broke loose.
- Captain Ultra broke into the Cryo Bank and removed a sample. Dr. Burzynski attempted to thwart him and in the subsequent explosion it was revealed that Captain Ultra was an Ultron unit. In the main room Jack O’ Lantern, The Mangler, Dr. Nemesis, Killer Shrike, & Skeleton Ki burst in and the melee began.
- Ultra-Ultron was slowed by Agent Orange & Detritus while only sustaining minimal damage, it was however able to injure Jonni Steele in the process. Meanwhile Tenebrae viciously took down Jack O’ Lantern killing him. Dr. Nemesis pounded The Half, while Killer Shrike and The Mangler kept Momentum Man occupied. Skeleton Ki freely pilfered from the Trophy Room.
- Detritus followed the heavily damaged Ultra-Ultron as long as he could. Agent Orange rejoined the main battle grabbing what appeared to be a Kree Universal Weapon and crushed Doctor Nemesis. Detritus returned and attempted to help Jonni Steele recover and finish her data dump. The battle raged back and forth as the mercenaries began taking heavy damage. In the process Agent Orange’s containment suit was destroyed by The Mangler, the fight was turning against ‘The Protectors”.
- Momentum Man attempted to stop Ultra-Ultron from accessing an airlock he came across Dr. Walt who was being assaulted by two of the Techs both now wearing A.I.M. outfits. The two A.I.M. agents then fled barely arriving to an airlock-docked ship. Upon their entry one of the A.I.M. agents revealed himself to be Dr. Stevens and then shot his cohort in the back of the head declaring, “HAIL HYDRA” as the ship pulled away.
- The Zeppelin began to phase out of this reality.
- Mr. McMullen called for a general retreat back to the ship. Momentum Man brought Dr. Walt back to the Trophy Room and revealed that Hydra had stolen some object and took their ship. ‘The Protectors’ were effectively trapped. Agent Orange forced his form into a hollowed out Recorder body using all his willpower to use it as a makeshift containment suit. Quickly thinking they boarded the Kree trophy ship and attempted desperately to activate it.
- Detritus tried desperately to stabilize Dr. Walt’s condition, Jonni revealed that Walt was the 1970’s hero The Ghostronaught “an old family friend”, & the last man to have been on the Zeppelin in 1983. Between Agent Orange, Momentum Man, Tenebrae, & The Half they were able to not only start the ship but launch it’s hyper spatial drive as the Zeppelin phased from ‘real’ space to parts unknown.
- As the group regained their senses from the ‘jump’ they realized they were in The Negative Zone!

12/4/10 - The Adventure Begins...OR...Just Who The HELL Are You Guys?
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- The players; Agent Orange, Momentum Man, & Haven are brought to the Clock Tower by the Chronal Physician who informs them that prior to 10 seconds ago they didn’t exist, AT ALL in any timeline. He explains that someone has overwritten them into existence and that he’s bound and determined to figure out who did it and why. In the meantime he needs them to use their powers & abilities to deal with the problems as large. The first problem being a prison transport breakout in Minneapolis.
- Mr. Hyde, Marrow, & Crossfire have escaped from a transport vehicle in downtown Minneapolis. In the process the three killed the Twin Cities most prominent hero, The Protector. Mr. Hyde & Marrow are literally wallowing in the devastation while Crossfire seems to be fleeing from the site. The three new heroes ‘costume’ up after introducing themselves to each other and head out to confront the trio.
- Mr. Hyde occupies Haven & Agent Orange while Momentum Man struggles with the ruthless Marrow who is attacking bystanders. Eventually Haven & Agent Orange begin to gain the upper hand on Mr. Hyde who then injects himself with M.G.H. in order to ‘beef up’. Marrow wounds Momentum Man to the point of Haven having to intervene. While Hyde has increased his strength he’s lessened his intelligence which Agent Orange takes advantage of by transforming himself into a sedative gas and allowing himself to be inhaled. Haven and the injured Momentum Man drop Marrow. All the while Crossfire engineers an improvised explosion to cover his escape.
- Post fight the group has to deal with the arrival of General John Ryker and his Sentinel Mark II units. Ryker and Agent Orange have a terse exchange before the new team leaves the scene.
- Haven has to deal with the fallout of ‘going public’, answering to both his mother and his sister, Detective Janet Haley head of the Twin Cities ‘Cape’ Division. In addition he was grilled by his S.H.I.E.L.D. ‘handler’ Agent Smith who wanted to remind Samuel that S.H.I.E.L.D. had no interest in him being ‘active’.
- Agent Orange began to deal with the fact that prolonged use of his powers and subsequently prolonged time outside his containment suit is leading to the destabilization of his form. He also called Professor Harold Hunter, his ‘creator’ and a friend, asking if the ‘Doc’ was any closer to finding a solution to his dilemma. He also inquired about Laura Lynch, Victor Vernon’s (Agent Orange’s) on again off again romantic interest. The ‘Doc’ let him know that she was pursuing a rumor regarding the U.S. Government’s interest in Gamma powered individuals.
- Momentum Man missed an Accounting class and found himself in danger of failing the class. In addition his absence had gone noticed by his girlfriend Darla DeMonet. She grilled Calvin about his whereabouts and his intentions both as a boyfriend & as a student before the two retired for the night.
- Later that evening the group regrouped, even as Momentum Man had the sneaking suspicion that someone was ‘tailing him’. They decided to go to the site Crossfire bombed. It was the Law Office of Stephen Hammer. Hammer was they’re going though the wreckage. He let the group know that he was a target of Crossfire due to helping some victims file a civil suit against the villain while he was incarcerated. The lawyer had made a recent career out of “hitting them where it hurts” by helping families file these civil cases and taking villains for their assets. Hammer also didn’t deny that he is indeed the nephew of oft in the news industrialist Justin Hammer. In the process Hammer tried to convince Momentum Man, who was getting a lot of television attention, to accept him as his legal representative and as a ‘manager’. After a lot of negotiations Momentum Man agreed to think about it. The three heroes also decided to name their group “The Protectors” after the hero who died the day they founded.
- Haven returned home to an answering machine full of worried messages from his mother, sister, and his girlfriend. He also received a visit from Agent Smith alerting him to strange things being afoot & to “trust no one”.
- Agent Orange stayed in the Clock Tower contemplating his ‘condition’ with a bottle of scotch.
- Upon returning home Momentum Man found out that Darla had been visited by a man claiming to be his friend. There was a note that read, “Be Seeing You!” The message was inside crosshairs.


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