Brad McMullen

Baintronics Head Of 'Talent'


Once Brad McMullen was a potential overall number one pick in the NFL draft. He was approaching the all time leading rushing numbers at the University of Wisconsin, he had the best looking gal on campus as his girl, and he had the run of things. Then that ‘brain’ Nick had to ruin everything.
Brad was horrifically injured in the lab accident that gave Nicholas Burzynski his powers. It cost him everything, or so he thought. Years of surgery, both legal and experimental, led to a job at Baintronics, and a reunion with his former flame Amanda Smythe. Time hadn’t cooled either of their meanstreaks and they slipped easily back into a dysfunctional relationship built upon Brad’s obsession with bullying those weaker than him and Amanda’s love of watching him pulverize them. With Brad now wheelchair bound the ‘game’ became less about punches and kicks, and more about industrial espionage and blackmail. They both quickly rose to the top of Baintronics corporate structure.

Over time Brad has developed some Post-Human abilities that have yet to fully manifest themselves. He’s realized the more he uses them the more ‘unstable’ his body is becoming.

Brad McMullen

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