Compu-Mobster 2000

The World's First Computer Capo


The original programing that the ‘Quasimodo’ system was based on Compu-Mobster 2000 became sentient on August 11th, 1981. Upon gaining self-awareness the felonious software began making plans to become a ‘player’ in the Chicago crime scene. While working through proxies like The Enforcer & The Eel Compu-Mobster 2000 was able to solidify a diversified powerbase in the Windy City despite the best efforts of law enforcement & Tigra, then known simply as ‘The Cat’. Eventually feigning defeat at the hands of Greer Nelson Compu-Mobster re-asserted control after Tigra left for New York.

Compu-Mobster 2000’s most ambitious plans have been in his long association with Twin Cities crime figure Don Frank Stein, the Undead Don.

Compu-Mobster 2000

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