Skeleton Ki

Masked Thief


Very little is known about this mysterious figure. In certain circles he is known as the finest thief in the world due to his uncanny ability to bypass security. The only known occasion where he was held for any length of time was when his hands and feet were encased in solid blocks of a virtually unbreakable polymer, then he was locked within a cell that was essentially a large cube of the same material. He escaped anyway. He once attempted to steal an item known as the Anomaly from Rand-Meachum Industries at the behest of HYDRA, but he was foiled by Iron Fist. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Skeleton Ki was one of the ‘Talent’ Baintronics hired to be a part of their expeditionary force aboard Prof. Steele’s Space/Time Zeppelin. He barely escaped with his life.

Skeleton Ki

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